• About ME

    I am a scholar, writer, teacher, and artist with special interests in consciousness, cognition, cultural competency, neuroinclusion, performance studies, and dramaturgy. The common thread through my work is curating, developing, and creating work that is intellectually curious, compassionate, and emancipatory. I welcome the outsider and cultivate hospitality through the arts. Include. Include. Include.

    Building a Community of Learners

    I am an educator, scholar, and theater artist with a unique background in corporate consulting. I teach the value of theater and writing as human acts capable of igniting personal and social change while also challenging all my students to develop transferable skill sets for the 21st century. In this way, I strive to construct a studio, classroom, or boardroom that is a radically inclusive, supportive community of learners, pooling knowledge, building interdependence, and learning to learn. My work as a playwright, dramaturg, director, and deviser has been seen in NYC, Pittsburgh, New Haven, Boston, and Charlotte. Every studio is a classroom and every classroom is a studio.

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  • Projects

    A selection of dramaturgy, directing, writing, and scholarly projects I have completed and/or am working on. (Always in progress.)


    Rasa is the indescribable, shared emotional experience between audience and performer, which is savored like a flavorful dish. It has also been translated as essence or juice. Combining the ancient Indian idea of rasa it’s concepts in embodied cognition, I conduct workshops and master-classes in Rasaesthetics for theatre departments, artistic directors, and as dramaturgical practice.

    Reimagined Classics

    I work with students on devised, reimagined classics. Using a combination of Moment Work, devising practices, and verbatim theatre, I work with students on updating and re-imagining the classics in relevant, culturally responsive works of theatre. Pictured here is a piece inspired by Chuck Mee’s Trojan Women: A Love Story. Students explored the impact of war on women and children and sadomasochistic imagery in popular culture and fashion that confuse violence with eroticism. A combination of student actors, professional actors, a professional dramaturg, and members of the Pitt football dance team and I pieced together an original take on Euripides play that played to sold out houses.

  • Archipelago

    Working on Caridad Svich's new play Archipelago with Dr. Monica Ndounou of Dartmouth, I partnered with student dramaturg Marissa Rivera. We performed ethnographic research for Svich's open text play, to assist Dr. Ndounou with her culturally responsive and inclusive directing process. Marissa and I created maps and timelines of the nonlinear play for the artistic team and kept an ongoing wiki of the terms and ideas noted in the play in a closed online collaborative document. We will be publishing a blog of the dramaturgical archive after the show completes its first run. The show will be touring in the next year.


    I am writing a script for a performance I want to direct in a visual arts space in uptown Charlotte. It's a multimedia, nightmare, fantasia of Frankenstein's monster regaining consciousness and language. It is a meta-reflection on our coming to new consciousness in the age of media saturation. The movement-based multimedia score will be generated through Artificial Intelligence technology innovated by Dr. David Cope of USC Santa Barbara (Emeritus).


    Dr. Tavia LaFollette and CoLab at Towson University

    I am writing a profile of Dr. Tavia LaFollette the inaugural director of Towson's CoLab.

    According to the Towson website, "the COFAC CoLab is an incubator for ideas, projects and collaboration. The lab is a home for interdisciplinary work. It's a hub where ideas can be cross-fertilized and put into motion. Designed as a space where fields of study are porous, the objective is to build new knowledge for an ever-evolving world."


    Dr. LaFollette is also the founder and curator for Art Up, a multidisciplinary and collaborative art laboratory that "instigates insight by activating art."


    Due out this February.



    Odissi Anima

    I am a dramaturg and co-author with Dr. Kaustavi Sarkar, founder and artistic director of Kaustavi Movement Center in Calcutta and Assistant Professor of Dance at UNC-Charlotte. Dr. Sarkar's performance-as-research includes explorations of transnationalism, post-colonialism, gender, and interpolations of modern dance and East Indian Dance.




    Neuroinclusive Theatre Programming

    I wrote several grants to create neuro-inclusive arts programming for students K-12 in an underserved area of Rock Hill, SC. In grades 6-12 we used musical theatre and Shakespeare as a mode of arts training, community building, and enhancing social-emotional competencies.




  • Education

    University of Pittsburgh


    PhD Theater History and Performance Studies (with distinction)

    Special Course of Study: History and Philosophy of Mind

    Dissertation: 'That Within Which Passeth Show': Interiority, Religion, and the Cognitive Poetics of Hamlet

    New York University

    Tisch School of the Arts


    MA in Performance Studies

    Thesis: Transubstantiation and the Performance of Cape Breton Music and Dance

    Adelphi University


    BA in Philosophy (cum laude)

  • The marriage of Theater and education

    "Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre." -Gail Godwin


  • Areas of expertise

    Acting Pedagogy

    Dramatic Verse, Rasaesthetics, Viewpoints, Vocal Viewpoints, Yogic Voice Training, Method-Based Scene Study, Shakespeare, Applied Theatre

    Directing, Playwriting, and Dramaturgy



    Acting and Performance Theory, Consciousness Studies, Trauma Studies, Phenomenology, History and Philosophy of Mind

    Performance Studies

    Theater Education

    Pedagogy K3-to Higher Ed, Special Needs Education, Neuroinclusion, Theater and Seniors

    Corporate Consulting

    Script and Speechwriting, Social Media Analysis, Branding, Communication Skills, Business Intelligence, Technical Writing, Speaking and Presentation Skills Coaching

    Non-Profit Consulting

    Grant Writing, Strategic Planning, Special Events, Live Event Production Management

  • Higher Education/SEcondary Ed Professional Appointments

    Selected Work History

    Visiting Assistant Professor

    August 2017-Present

    Full-Time Assistant Professor of Theater. Courses Taught: Acting I, and II, Dramaturgy, Playwriting, Theater Experience, Theater Collaboration (Devising), Play Analysis.

    Organized a Climate Change Theatre Action Play Reading Event, provided dramaturgical support within the Fall season.

    Visiting Lecturer

    September 2005-May 2006

    Taught Voice and Movement I & II using Freeing the Natural Voice and a combination of Viewpoints and Rasaesthetics. Mentored and Coached Directing and Acting students for national competitions, including the Irene Ryan Award.

    Teaching Fellow

    September 2001-May 2004

    Taught Intro to Performance, Acting I & II, Performance Composition, and Intro to Dramatic Literature. Advised and Mentored student driven projects and did individual acting coaching for students applying to graduation school.

  • Publications and Creative Activities

    Edited Volumes

    "Doing Things with Theory: Situated Cognition in the Undergraduate Drama Classroom.” Teaching Critical Theory. Dr. Jeanmarie Higgins, ed. Routledge, forthcoming 2020.


    “The Actor Problem.” Performing Consciousness. Dr. Daniel Meyer-Dinkgrafe, ed. Cambridge Scholars

    Press: Cambridge 2011.


    “Emotional Lifeworlds: Toward an Ontology of Acting.” Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts.

    Dr. Daniel Meyer-Dinkgrafe, ed. Cambridge Scholars Press: Cambridge 2006.


    “Glossary.” Performance and Cognition, Drs. Bruce McConachie and Elizabeth Hart, eds. Routledge:

    Princeton 2006.

    Refereed Journal Articles

    "Decoupling from Genocide: Erik Ehn’s Soulographie.” Comparative Drama. Forthcoming 2020.


    “Bridging the Gap: Performance Studies and the Traditional Theatre Classroom.” Theatre Topics. In Revisions.


    “Inventing the 100 Ways In: Teaching Difficult Texts in Difficult Times.” Theatre/Practice.  In Revisions.


    “Towards a Poetics of Transubstantiation: the Performance of Cape Breton Music and Dance” TDR: The

    Drama Review 52.3 (2008): 44-60

    “The Actor Problem: Live and Filmed Performance and Classical Cognitivism.” Consciousness and the

    Arts and Literature. 5(3) December 2004.

    Conference Presentations

    “Time Place, Action: Mind, Brain, World: The Biophysics of the Unities.” ATHE, 2019.


    “Scene Changes at the Threshold: Performance and the Borders of Time, Place, and Culture.” ATHE, 2019. (Facilitator, presenter, and curator.)


    "Heal the Divide" ATHE, Boston 2018.


    "Spinning Genocide: Creating Cultural Memories without Re-Traumatizing" MATC, Milwaukee, WI 2018.


    "One Play, One School, the Performing Arts as a PBL-STEAM Focus in a Neuroinclusive K3-12 Setting," Annual TEC, Columbia, SC 2017.


    "Performing Arts Training Integration and Attention and Cognition," SCAAE Annual Conference on Arts Integration, Columbia, SC, 2016.


    "This is Your Brain on Theater: the Nootropic Effects of Performance," Performing the World, East Side Institute, NYC 2012.


    "(In)Articulating Meaning: the Cognitive Poetics of Glengarry, Glen Ross," Cognition and Literature Conference, University of Connecticut, April 2006.


    "The Magic As If: Acting and Our Emotional Brains," ASTR Conference, Toronto Ontario 2005.


    "Emotional 'Lifeworlds': a Paradigm Shift in acting Theory," ATHE Conference, San Francisco, CA 2005.


    "Homage or Sabotage? Self-Reflexive Irony and the American Musical," The American Musical, Hofstra University, 2004

    Book Reviews

    "The Contemporary Political Play: Rethinking Dramaturgical Structure." by Sarah Grochala. Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism. Forthcoming 2020.


    "Making Sense: Cognition, Computing, Art, and Embodiment." by Simon Penny (Book Review.) Consciousness and the Arts and Literature. Forthcoming December 2018.


    “The Frame of Art: Fictions of Experience, 1750-1815.” by David Marshall (Book Review). Consciousness and the Arts and Literature. 8(1) April 2007.

    Manuscripts in Preparation

    Light It Up: Neurophenomenology, Performance, and Consciousness. Book Manuscript in Preparation.


    Plays (selected)

    MacPherson Off-The Grid (in submission)

    Not Love Tilles Performing Arts Center, Hyannis, MA (featuring Michael Ornstein Sons of Anarchy and Neil McGarry PBS: Alexander Hamilton)2014

    And Then There Was Nin Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre, Pittsburgh PA 2003; The Chernuchin Theater NYC 2003

    Confessions of a Wonderbabe The Producers Club NYC 2002, The Chernuchin Theater NYC 2003 Winner Showbusiness Weekly Best of 2002

    The Magdalene Project NYC International Fringe Festival, 2001, American Actors Theater, NYC 2000

    Mammogram! The Musical Dixon Place, NYC 1998

    Plays (in preparation)

    William's Leg (a play about the "ghost hunting" of 19th century psychologist and philosopher William James)

    Creature: a Multimedia, Nightmare Fantasia a multilingual, multimedia re-imagining of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein


    Bat Boy the Musical Pittsburgh Musical Theatre (Pittsburgh Premiere)

    And Then There Was Nin The Chernuchin NYC

    Confessions of a Wonderbabe The Chernuchin NYC

    The Magdalene Project The New York International Fringe Festival

    Mammogram the Musical! Dixon Place, NYC

    Agnes of God Stony Creek Puppet Theater, Stony Creek CT

    The Trojan Women: A Love Story Pittsburgh Repertory Theatre

    To Kill A Mockingbird Wellsley Players


    Shakespeare in a Chair. Dramaturg/Literary Manager, 2018-Present.

    Archipelago, UNCC, Guest Director Dr. Monica Ndounou

    100 Dresses, Children's Theatre of Charlotte

    The Giver, Children's Theatre of Charlotte

    Director of New Works Series, Tilles Center for the Arts. Hyannis, MA

    Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet The Footlight Club

    Secondary and Middle School Directing

    Godspell St. Anne School, John Paul the Great Program for the Arts

    Twelfth Night, St. Anne School/JPG Program for the Arts

    Sound of Music St. Anne School/JPG Program for the Arts

    The Tempest St. Anne/JPG at Blumenthal

  • Awards

    Fellowships, Grants. and Artistic Recognition

    2016 York County Council for the Arts Grant Award Artist Residency for Inclusive Shakespeare Programming

    2015 York County Council for the Arts Grant Award for Musical Theater Programming

    2010 University of Pittsburgh, Dissertation Passed "With Distinction"

    2002 Showbusiness Weekly Best-Off-Off Broadway Comedy (writer-director)

    2001 University of Pittsburgh, Teaching Fellowship

    2001 NYC International Fringe Festival, Rio de Janiero Fringe Festival Invitee

    1995 Jordan P. Ruzan Memorial Fellowship, Williamstown Theatre Festival Acting Program

  • Additional Teaching

    Higher Education Ad Hoc, Community-Based, Studio, and Secondary Ed Teaching


    Acting I, II

    Intro to Performance

    Advanced Performance Composition

    Voice & Movement I & II

    Script Analysis

    Theatre Collaboration


    Intro to Dramatic Literature

    Theatre Appreciation

    Theatre and Culture



    Theatre Experience


    Acting and the Brain

    Authentic Movement

    Performance Intuition

    Rasaesthetics: Rasaboxes


    Dramatic Verse

    Studio Teaching

    HERE NYC, Actors Workshop Boston, El Bohio NYC, New England Actors Theater, Pittsburgh Public


    Acting, Audition Workshop, Dramatic Verse, Voice and Movement, Text Analysis.


    Writing and Speaking for Excellence

    Public Speaking

    Secondary Ed


    Advanced Acting


    Advanced Playwriting

    Creative Writing

    Fine Arts & Technology

    Intro to Video Design

    Intro to Theatrical Design



  • Corporate Clients

    A selection of former or current clientele

    Technical Writing

    User manuals for IT Departments

    Social Media Analysis

    Social Media Metrics

    Data Analysis

    Business Intelligence

    Corporate Communications

    Internal Communications



    Writing, Speaking, and Media Services

    Internal Communications



    IT Manuals-Technical Writing

    Sales Training Materials

    Industrial Scriptwriting



    Book editing

    Social Media Consultant


    KPI Analysis

    Social Media Analysis

    Social Media Consultant


    KPI Analysis

    Social Media Analysis

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